Hello World - Who am I

My first blog post, mainly about who i am as a person.

Who am I?

My name is Poul , i'm born in 1985 and have been passionate about technology since i was a kid. To my parents frustration - I loved to tinker electronics equipment apart and was not always able to put it together again. 

The passion have always been there and will properly be for many years. Most of the time my head spins around, thinking what can technology do for me in the given situation. I found it amazing how I was able to make the computer do my work and since then programming and development have been around in my daily day life. 

Before I started on my B.Sc. at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) i had a few years of playing World of Warcraft (WoW). When there was new content and we played for achieving world firsts, the time used sky rocked. People would call it an addiction. When I look back on this choice of dedicating my life in that period to playing a game - wondering if i wasted my life or gained experience(yes we talking about real life experience) from it? I only can be happy about the results. I co-leaded a successful guild for a large part of the period, learning how to deal with people in a leader position. It lead to real life job as Sous Chef for one year running a Internet Cafe in Kgs Lyngby. But playing was not the only thing worth doing - most of the time vent into developing add-ons to the game, making the user experience better or what I used it most for- making gaming easier for me and my guild. So it also gave me over 2 years of intensive lua programming. 

I  also started doing a candidate in computer science at Copenhagen University (DIKU). While learning a lot of new stuff and enjoying myself, i realized that there was not time for having two so time consuming hobbies. After the first year, passed the barrier test to continue studying at copenhagen university, i started studying only half time - and at the end of the second year i stopped as i got a job as full time sous chef. One year of working made me ready to do a university degree. I started in 2009 at DTU and haven't been playing computer games since and just finished my bachelor degree. 

So where do that leave us? I feel young and open minded - I am still passionate about programming and have been teaching a lot of others to program. I have been a teaching assistant almost fifteen times by now - teaching c/java/matlab and right now im teaching assistant on a course “Modelling and Programming” for students just started at IT and Healthcare - i am learning some simple biology :). 

I mentioned earlier that programming have been a big part of my life and it sure have - I know my way around in c/c++/c#/lua/sml/matlab/java and many more. I don't feel limited to use one language, but rather choose the best language for the specific job, (Something I did learn at DIKU). But two languages have been favorites at independent times. I have always loved c# and used it for everything until 1½ year ago where i started using c++ on a daily basis. I started picking up a new interest where c++ turned out to be the best option. I started working / learning a lot about Computer Vision and Image Analysis which today is the motivation for starting a Master of Science in Mathematical Modelling and Computation at DTU. 

The other passionate part of my programming career is .NET - WEB/WPF/Silverlight/Forms and I just started learning about Azure and Windows 8 Store Apps. Just attended a Code Camp with Microsoft - meeting a lot of interesting people. I am anxious to see what the future brings. 

Looks like it turned out to be a quite long Hello World :) But now you know a little something about me :)