Life and a new job

New job at Composite C1 (

I have just been employed by Composite C1, a firm that have been doing CMS solutions over the past decade. I am looking very much forward to this new journey, with responsibilities and room for learning even more things that are exciting.

The current semester at DTU have been a lot about knowledge based entrepreneurship and TEMO (Technology, Economics, Management and Organization). The first lecture our professor starts out by saying we are getting a small MBA. We have now covered the entire curriculum and are working on a case from IBM. All this management theory is exiting and I have meet a lot of interesting people throw the entrepreneurship course.

Entrepreneurship is all about networking, so what is there not to like about it?  

I had the chance to meet some nice and interesting people at Danish Developer Conference a week ago, certainly something I want to do again next year. Thanks for the ticked Marcus Wendt.

Talking about interesting people, this week I had the pleasure of having a skype interview with Galvin M. from carvoyant ( about their business model for our entrepreneurship course. I hope they get their plan executed and creates a platform for connected cars to tap into in the coming years.

At Composite C1 I will be responsible for their Backend tapping into Azure (Microsoft Cloud Platform). Designing, refactoring and developing a system to leverage a SaaS solution on Azure of their CMS. I am very excited about this new journey, seeing where it will go. There are many opportunities within composite as the team behind it is small.  

I hope to find more time to write a little more, also some technical posts. I first recently began to put code/projects out in the open (Github), in contrast to the past 10 years of keeping what I learn to myself. I do not know why I have not done it before, but it is definitely something I will do some more. It basically just gave me a job.

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