Fun day with Global Windows Azure Bootcamp

We had a fun day of learning at Microsoft here in Copenhagen for one of the Community Driven Events: Global Windows Azure Bootcamp by Magnus Mårtensson

First, thanks to Magnus Mårtensson for making this day happen in Copenhagen. Also thanks to Microsoft (Daniel Frost) for hosting us.

It was a fun day, seeing how we all could contribute with deployments to one badass processing unit.  At the time of writing this, just returned home from the event, there are 4322 live instances running processing data. Each instance is 1.7 GB Ram and 1.6 GHz each.

At the time I came home and deleted my deployments, to save a little of the free time for the rest of the month, I had rendered the most data. I had 20 instances running as you can see in the image below, and then 15 running on another subscription also. At some point, doing the day there was not even enough data to process for all the instances. You can notice how the average CPU time was low for some hours in the middle of the day.

I hope to see this event again next year, and hopefully many more new services on Azure, such we can poke alittle to Amazon. Remember Microsoft have been developing Platforms for many years and Amazon have been selling books, it will be fun to see how this develops over the coming year.

One little thing that I hope to see next year, would be that we all contributed to some scientific work with all this computation power. While RenderLab was cool and fun, using all this processing power for something great would be nice. I hope that people have seen this year how much we can do with Azure, and next year we could have the community provide different packages for some bigger problems and we could select out the packages we wanted to support.

Thanks for a great day, even though it is only starting in the states now. 

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