Tips and Tricks for CloudBerry #1

Editing Xml Configuration files on Azure Blob Storage with CloudBerry Explorer for, just as easy as doing it locally.

I am going to show you how you can change xml configuration files or any other files for that matter on Azure Blob Storage in a very easy way. Assuming you figured out how to connect your CloudBerry Explorer to your Storage Account. Opening the Websites.xml file in my case, by double tapping the file.

Notice the file size in CloudBerry Explorer. After changing the file in notepad, pressing ctrl+s trigger a file change and it is uploaded to Azure Storage without you doing anything else.

The file changed without you having to care about downloading the file to a temporary location, finding it and uploading it again. Magic happened. Of cause, this is not that hard to create, but it is unique in contrast to what other similar tools provide right now. They solved a pain for me that I did not even know I had before they made me aware of it. That is entrepreneurship when it is best.

One reason for using CloudBerry Explorer from Cloudberrylab.

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