Question: SaaS on Windows Azure with ACS and WAAD

Watching the keynote 2 at BUILD 2013, i ended up having a question. Help me provide a answer to it.

I have a question to the Azure Community. The question is relevant for startups, companies that are building software and services and now need to reach out to all those people that ScottGu mentioned in the Keynote 2 at BUILD. My questions are at the end, and the following text is just an introduction to make sure I understand the things correctly.


The scenario is as follows. You have created an App or Service. It could be a WebAPI, a MVC project or something else. We have a great tool in Visual Studio “Identity and Access” in the context menu that lets you quickly enabled single sign on. (Did you see the good coming in VS2013 with ONE and option for selecting authentication models?)

In short, what you have been doing is telling the application what STS to use. You have been playing around and created MVC Projects that uses Azure Control Service (ACS) where you could set up Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo as Identity Providers (IP) to the ACS.

You are reaching out to all those consumers that you like. Now the company is running and is making a little money, and finds out that the reason for not making a lot of money is that the target of the app is business to business, and no companies out there allow their employees to use their social profiles for work. Then we saw the BUILD keynote and found out that we just need to get the app into Azure such companies who have their Active Directories synced to Azure can just use my service as ScottGu showed on stage. (1hour in)

I have created an Azure AD and now changed my App to use it for SSO. (Now I lost the option for all the consumers coming with Facebook/Google). Alternative I can add my Azure AD to my ACS namespace and then I have both.


First Question: I cannot find any apps to add to my Azure AD? Is it not live for all users on Azure yet? (I just get the Add my own app with SSO dialog).

Second Question: In the last step, adding the Azure AD to the ACS means I lost the feature ScottGu talk about, making it easy for enterprises to buy my SaaS solution. Are there any plans to integrate better with ACS also? Such I can provide SaaS for both Consumers using Social Medias and enterprises with Active Directory.

  Send me a mail if you want to help me [email protected] or leave a comment below :)

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