WebApi and Mvc Integrations

You can now access your data remotely, setup security rules for who can access it and add properly Mvc Controllers into C1.

Introducing the first alpha release of a few packages, I have been working on. You will be able to remote access data and you will be in controll over who can access your data with simple rules on Get,Post,Put,Delete attributes of the requests hitting the WebApi. There is version support of the api also, and all is maintainable from within the console. No coding at all. 

1)      WebApi  (S-Innovations.Integrations.WebApi)
2)      Mvc         (S-Innovations.Integrations.Mvc)
3)      SignalR   (S-Innovations.Integrations.SignalR) (Link will come later this week)

 It is the very early state for all three and this post is just for letting people know what I am working on and of cause to try it. (At your own risks – do not do it on production servers yet).


I have created a little video showing of the use of the WebApi Package (Video Link).
At the left you are seeing how you add existing data to the API, right click it in the data perspective and 'Expose in Mobile Services'. Mobile Services have been the code name for the project - and I havent really picked the name yet for the package.

A more detailed post will come later including some of the development stuff behind it. It is using TypeScirpt and Knockout for the Management Part in the console - and integrates with mouse clicks in the tree in the Composite Console aswell. There are som SignalR in it also - if the S-Innovations.Integrations.SignalR package is installed. So more about that later. Its hooking up with Composite when controllers needs to be compiled, so they get right into the Composite.Generated assembly. Take a look in the demo video.


At work the past week, I have been working on someone else’s project and my task was to upgrade and optimize the site. The site had heavy use of MVC Players (even multiply on the same page). I am no expert on MVC, but I the experience of solving problems and fixing bugs within the project was not easy as it being hard to track the codes flow. Not sure, what controllers are hit at what route and so forth. 

This made me do another integration of MVC to Composite C1 for one of my own projects where I am in the process of figuring out if I really want to use MVC or Not. (It is a membership library with a MVC frontend – so integrating it means a lot less code for me).

I will also come with more info on this project. Short - the package adds a PageType and a Layout and an Application when the PageType is used that lets you add controllers to a Site in C1. For those that know MVC, the page simulates a Area and AreaRegistration classes are compiled into Composite.Generated. 

Thats it for now. More info will come. (Sorry, the Mvc package cant be installed after the WebApi as I forgot to remove some override flags in the package - its an alpha ;))

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