Just started using Live Writer

Testing out Windows Live Writer for writing blog posts.

I am in the process of testing out live writer for writing blog posts.


void AHelloWorldCodeSnippet()
return "Merry Christmas";

Should I use it?

I can definitely see the benefit of using this to write blog posts. However, it would require some plugins to fit nice with the Composite c1 functions. What a wonderful problem for 2014 to look into, maybe someone out there have already written some. The plugin system for Live Writer seems strait forward and if this should work for me, I will need a plugin to use code highlighting and a picture upload tool. I do not normal upload my images to my composite c1 site when writing blog posts and I am considering doing a Windows Azure Plugin for Live writer that inserts images and uploads them to a blob storage.

So if you are using Live Writer with Composite C1. Feel free to drop a comment about your experience, also if you have some nice plugins already worth installing.

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