Does it take an engineer to use Windows 8 ?

This Christmas I learned that some people find it takes an engineer to operate windows 8, is this true?

We have passed Christmas and time is passing by, noticed how its 14 months since we first got our hands on Windows 8 and just a few month back we got the windows 8.1 release. Latest news state that windows 8.x is reaching 10% of the market shares with only a little over one third is windows 8.1 of those 10 percent. In my opinion windows 8.1 is a great OS and I am the happy user of it.

I come from a background of farmers and builders and this year’s traditional Christmas lunch one of the topics was Windows 8, which lead to me writing this blog post. The debate started out from the statement that “Windows 8 requires an engineer to operate it”. To be honest, the statement fits very well to the general impression I have gotten when visiting my roots back in the west of Jutland. The computer is a tool that just needs to work and the expectation of buying or upgrading to windows 8 is that it works just as it did before. Problem is that it do not.

For the end users I have talked with, they did not sign up for up for new innovational ideas windows 8 brings to the table, and that seems to be the root of the problem. They were told they could use their new bought computer in the same way as they have used their computers up until now. Until now that was also what I told myself and others when discussing the topic, failing to realize that it actually takes some learning to figure out and configure your windows 8 machine to use it as any older windows 7,vista or XP device.

This learning curve might have come easy for me figure out and it felt like there was no learning curve, and it lead me back to the statement from this Christmas: “It takes an engineer to use windows 8”. I don’t think that is true, but I see where they are coming from and understand that the learning curve was not as easy as it was for me. The biggest problem here is that the end users are told when buying the new computer, that they can use it as before. Sales people need also to understand that when selling windows 8, to inform buyers how to migrate from using windows 7 to windows 8. It takes me 10mins to configure and teach someone to use a windows 8, sadly the things told is not self-explaining when installing and starting to use windows 8.

As a results of the frustrations windows 8 causes these buyers, when they get home and are not able to use the new machine because of things not being as they are used to, I have heard statements “I recommend all that I talk with to stay away from windows 8 at all cost”. In addition, from companies whom are to upgrade their computers, they have actually considered to switch to Mac PCs just because “It just works”.

I think Microsoft have a huge problems when they start losing customers this way, where all it takes is better guidance for how to use windows for people who are used to windows 7 or older.

In my next blog post, despise all above, I have set my soon 80-year-old grandma up with windows 8 and have written about that experience.

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