Adding Build Administrators in 4 steps on Visual Studio Online

In this blog post I am showing how you add Build Administrators to a project in Visual Studio Online, and you can change other permission related options there also.
I just started at a new job as a consultant at startup company Ascend Agro

I will be assisting with Windows Azure and Image Analysis related problems, and most important combining my expertise in these areas for creating some innovative solutions with Ascend. This is something I look forward to. New job also means permission issues, where I tonight wanted to create a new Build Definition, and it resulted in a permission denied. 

So to assist my boss and maybe others in adding their visual studio online users to the groups that can create build definitions, and possible other security groups I just compiled these 4 steps for adding these rights.

Caption: Click the gear icon in the upper right corner

Caption: Click Manage project security and group membership

Caption: Locate the relevant Group or User

Caption: Add me to the Build Administrators, thank you :)


Above works for queing builds and otherwise administrate the builds, and creating new build definitions. In my situation I needed even more powers, as I was creating a build script that required me setting up the build server for using custom assemblies duing build. I faced a popup saying that I did not have the "Manage build resources privilege". So one last step was to add me to the Project Collection Build Administrators group which as you can see in the image below has this privilege.

Caption: Click members and add the users needed.

This means I can now change properties on the Build Controller.

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