Blog not give company credentials out for social media accountsIf you are not doing it, you properly know someone who is doing it. Passing around company profile credentials to social media accounts for doing updates. But here is how you can make your empoyees do it without them having to know the credentials or remembering them.2014-03-19T21:39:00Z82e5985b-293f-4bd9-8b14-28dc68561d83"Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel" when using a Management Certificate behind IIS for Windows Azure Management LibrariesJust discovered this error and guessing it could be something other people might face and google for.2014-02-27T22:42:00Zdc059f5e-9fc7-4c12-b5b2-ece1c16be8eb IDataRenderingResponseHandler vs Owin MiddlewareOne of the tricks to create high performing websites is to use caching and in this blog post I am showing how Owin can be used together with Composite C1 to create high performing websites backed by a CMS.2014-02-23T18:08:00Zeaf4e776-c478-47d7-9e32-882c246cfc64 sign-in with WsFederation owin middlewareThis is the first of three blog posts on how we can use Windows Azure Active Directory in our web apps to empower our self. First Microsoft.Owin.Security.WsFederation is covered and how to sign into our WAAD, and how we can allow 3th party companies to sign up for our WAAD web app, so we can have multi organizational signin for targeting the B2B market. Second will be about asking for profile info from WAAD so you can get info about the customer that has signed in. Third will be about talking with windows azure management api from our web api to deploy and make changes to the customers windows azure subscription. 2014-02-22T12:27:00Zec61cce2-a409-4938-9246-212965de3f62 Build Administrators in 4 steps on Visual Studio OnlineIn this blog post I am showing how you add Build Administrators to a project in Visual Studio Online, and you can change other permission related options there also.2014-02-14T23:01:00Ze5677e6b-5c7d-43a0-8454-210225965175 the login flow when using ADAL for WAMLIn this post, I will show you a few tricks that enable you to make best use of ADAL for using Oauth2 Tokens instead of Management Certificates.2014-02-12T13:35:00Zcba9c2ca-1785-44fc-bb69-a211bfaf03e0 Issues with Nuget.Core in a WebApplicationWhen working with Nuget.Core in a web application one might face problems with the Machine Cache settings of Nuget. Heres a way to change the Cache Path to within your web application.2014-01-26T15:59:00Z5e6f92ab-8a23-4123-a78c-020f36c29071 Snapshot with Composite Windows Azure Web RoleThis is a follow up on doing plugins for the Composit Windows Azure Web Role. I created a snapshot pluging providing functionlity to create snapshots and restore them again of the websites.2014-01-24T11:05:00Za0f41380-7c5e-4f36-a59d-ac294090fd0d vs. app.config for Azure Cloud Service role configIf you have worked with Windows Azure Cloud Services and needed to do an assembly binding, you most likely have run in to this problem, of not knowign exactly where to place it. This post helps you to not go over 10 SO answers that have gotten outdated.2014-01-23T18:47:00Za9984015-6e73-4356-b75c-482e767421f8 by the Composite Windows Azure Web RoleIn this post I am showing one of the great features one get from using the Composite Windows Azure Webrole for developers who want that little bit extra. 2014-01-22T06:49:00Zc44a0dfc-97f8-4b93-8a7f-0c8f8ca02d08 love the new Open Source path Microsoft have taken.I tweeted about a question, about having to pass a “dummy” string to a constructor, in WAML and only 4 days later the question was addressed and a new nuget version was up and ready with the fix2014-01-20T09:28:00Z256d9235-2ca6-4d45-9e39-154b4bb5bb37 got a faceliftI took the time to fix a few things that have anoyed me for some time with s-innovations and think it looks just little better now and is mobile friendly now also.2014-01-14T01:48:00Z3cfff524-c6ff-4f99-be02-37cd5f34b50c a Windows Azure Cloud Service with Azure PublisherIn this blog post I am presenting a video of how a 3 party plugin for my Azure Publisher is used to upgrade a Azure Cloud Service. The blog post goes in more details about the code used from a 3party providers viewpoint.2014-01-10T11:26:00Z9a39a859-9c78-48a0-9820-da95544a7887 soon 80-year-old grandma uses windows 8.This Christmas I helped my soon 80-year-old grandma to get started with windows 8.2014-01-04T16:40:00Zfb73a9b7-ef58-43e1-8fb0-6bafd3905171 it take an engineer to use Windows 8 ?This Christmas I learned that some people find it takes an engineer to operate windows 8, is this true?2014-01-04T16:09:00Zc577372b-558d-489c-87f7-bd8aa8aa5a5f started using Live WriterTesting out Windows Live Writer for writing blog posts.2013-12-21T23:33:00Z68fb5c60-960a-443a-b39a-2192c3318b4e Deployment with Composite Windows Azure WebroleIn this blog post I am talking about how one can build a scaleable solution on Windows Azure for website deployments using Composite Windows Azure Webrole.2013-11-21T17:16:00Z2a00c3a9-0eab-4f72-b316-73d44f006255 C1 Owin and SignalR integrationFor my nuget package manager I am introducting two additional packages that will be avalible soon. I am using my nuget package manager to test them and when they work I will put them public.2013-11-11T04:48:00Z0e25899f-42f2-427b-84a3-e4e324a74d56 Windows Azure Webrole version is released.We have released our Composite Windows Azure Webrole version In this blog post I will tell you alittle about it and how you build it from source and deploy it to azure with or without SSL support.2013-11-07T15:01:00Zd6e13ef4-aecf-44f7-a333-60def67089bd .Net Applications to Manage Windows AzureI have been working on a tool for our Composite Windows Azure Webrole at Composite A/S that makes the deployment process easier. In this post I show a few code snippets of how to talk with the Windows Azure Management Api without client certificates but using the WAAD Oauth2 Protocol and Authorization Header.2013-11-07T02:25:00Z63566bb7-d99f-4105-bba4-1b866519a353 to upgrade Composite C1 Blog PackageTonight I had some issues with my blog module in Composite C1 and wanted to upgrade it to the newest package which included Razor Functions instead of the old Xml Functions. This is not a trivial task in C1 and therefore I am sharing how you can do it.2013-11-07T02:07:00Z35cccefc-af47-40c1-9e78-aec0216cff95 Razor files inside the console with Composite C1 4.1In this blog post I will show you how you can now use razor.cshtml files within the console. We have created all the header stuff needed in a MasterLayout.cshtml for you.2013-11-06T22:44:00Z7c4efcdc-b679-4df1-a922-ecfad4cc9a97 and Mvc IntegrationsYou can now access your data remotely, setup security rules for who can access it and add properly Mvc Controllers into C1.2013-08-12T08:17:00Zeeb1e106-7908-47c8-9d5f-42b5d00a4535 Composite Azure Publisher and Azure Webrole avaible for public testingIn this blog post I am introducing the new Azure Publisher and WebRole for Composite C1 CMS.2013-07-29T00:35:00Z4009d5ae-852d-40cf-9d55-9b06349ff7d9 Preview - Asp.Net Application with Multiply Organizations SigninIn this video I show how to create a web application where organizations with Windows Azure Active Directory can allow all their users to sign in for the application.2013-07-22T18:41:00Z950142b3-f7ac-4c73-806c-fcf887a6be30 can read your Facebook data?Do you think about what/who you have given access to your facebook data, or even who can write on behalf of you on facebook.2013-07-20T12:42:00Zf0a7111a-8857-4dc8-addf-6688e999d1f3 Company and Site UpdateNow registed for VAT and in the danish CVR register.2013-06-30T05:25:00Z0dd26953-21c2-4b77-acf6-1b35063e5e0a SaaS on Windows Azure with ACS and WAADWatching the keynote 2 at BUILD 2013, i ended up having a question. Help me provide a answer to it.2013-06-28T16:43:00Z799d5025-fc6e-4c8a-9c5d-a0c0476388d5 Services for Composite C1 : Idea CreationIn this blog post an idea is presented for adding mobile services to C1. Meaning easy exposure of C1 Datatypes by json, Identity and much more.2013-06-25T23:43:00Z5497729e-b215-4196-9003-82843cd01ad8 started with Nodejs and TwilioIn this post I show how I can send smses with nodejs and Websites leads to lazinessIts so easy to publish to Azure Websites that I became to lazy to flip the screen around.2013-05-25T00:08:00Z66734b48-118c-4d15-aacd-841aa5096836 and Tricks for CloudBerry #1Editing Xml Configuration files on Azure Blob Storage with CloudBerry Explorer for, just as easy as doing it locally.2013-05-21T15:57:00Z54d8a54a-a08d-4f72-a3d0-a68a14660c90 a Composite C1 Site locallyIn the previous post i showed how to get a Composite Site running on Azure Websites. In this post I will show how we make a local copy and use it for staging in IIS Express using WebMatrix 3.2013-05-18T17:49:00Zfeb6ffd1-bee1-47d4-8f70-7422b41aa3c3 C1 CMS for Windows Store AppsLearn how to do Content Management for your Windows Store Apps. Create a Windows Store Application with Content without knowing anything about C#. Maintain the Application content from an Azure Website.2013-05-18T03:27:00Z477c557d-933a-4e3d-bf62-99faec72eefd day with Global Windows Azure BootcampWe had a fun day of learning at Microsoft here in Copenhagen for one of the Community Driven Events: Global Windows Azure Bootcamp by Magnus Mårtensson2013-04-27T19:09:00Z8f53d265-649a-4ad6-aadf-41825899cad7 social oauth2 claims-aware websites to Azure using GitLearn how to deploy a Azure Website using Git and being claims aware by allowing users to identify themself with ouath2 from Facebook, LiveId or Google Accounts.2013-04-26T14:29:00Z65e59b3c-8cf8-4f7a-ae01-52e150f4847c and Solving a Matlab Exam SolutionI was telling one group about how to make it easy for them self when solving an exam in Introductory Programming with Matlab, then the person next to us also wanted to know. Therefor, here is the answer.2013-04-18T08:18:00Zc5f8ca86-4008-4b49-b08d-6eeba6d585f3 and a new jobNew job at Composite C1 ( World - Who am IMy first blog post, mainly about who i am as a person.2012-10-07T21:55:00Z