Download and install the Composite WindowsAzure Manager from S-Innovations v/Poul K. Sørensen for deployment of the Composite WindowsAzure Webrole. 

Download version

The current version is a prototype. It will let you deploy the Composite Windows Azure Webrole to a staging slot of a existing cloud service if the staging slot is empty. If you want to try it out you can select a subscription and a cloudservice, then adding a deployment name or use the autofilled one. You also need to confiugre a Storage Account by its name and key. Last, in there are only one prebuild package on the server, so you will need to set use diagnostics to true and the rest to false. And remember to specify a Display Name.  In coming weeks we will have our build server at Composite setup for creating more combination of settings and you it will be able to deploy packages based on the settings you provide.