Consulting Areas and Cases

The areas where S-Innovations puts its main focus is within areas that makes new ideas and entrepreneurship possible. We focus the research within three main areas with one goal, keeping up to date with new technology and therefore we can give you the best advices on how to make your idea come to life:

  • Composite C1 (CMS, Backend)
  • Scalable Solutions on Windows Azure
  • .Net Development (Win8, WPF, AspNet)

Here is a few of the cases we have worked with.


In 2013 I (Poul K. Sørensen) was upgrading at Composite A/S for the once a year event. Earlier years had have problems with serving the site to the massive amount of traffic that the site hits on the event day. The problems had mostly been due to the setup demanding up to 10 servers at peak hour. After the upgrade provided this year, not only was we able to keep the servers down to two machines duing the day and at peak four machines was running. Most interesting was that it all succesed without any human interaction, the site autoscaled with the help of windows azure and the Composite Windows Azure Webrole that I have been working on the past half year at Composite.

Composite Windows Azure Webrole

This is the Windows Azure Cloud Service package used in above use case, a project that have been running since 2011 at Composite and have been avaible for free downloads. Half a year ago I was hired by Composite to work as Windows Azure Lead and taking care of this project. Since then we have redesigned it and kept it up to date with the releases coming from Windows Azure Team. The design is now heavy backed with a modular design and dependency injection, making it easy to configure and add addition plugins for the webrole. One new feature I have added to the project is live sync of Websites hosted in a scaled out setup, this was also used in this year.

The project is being used for S-Innovations, Composites and Composite Clients to host Composite C1 Solutions and we are getting close to releaseing it public. Right now its only avalible from a few of my blog posts and nuget.

S-Innovations Windows Azure Publisher

This is a project that I have been creating the past month for deployment of Windows Azure Cloud Services. Companies can get their Cloud Service Integrated into this and make it easy avaible for people on Windows Azure. At this point the integration process is not automated and depending on the extend of the project I may bill some hours for integration, but other than that I will gladly integrate your cloud services package into the Publisher for free.

Composite Windows Azure Webrole - Management Plugin

This is a Management Plugin for the Composite Windows Azure Webrole. Providing oauth2 flows for authorization and providing a WebApi endpoint for the CWAW. I made this because not having to give out the Windows Azure Blob Storage credencials to 3party for configurating sites inside the webrole. With the management portal its possible to control its configration from a Management Portal with no direct access to the Blob Storage.