S-Innovations Windows Azure Publisher

This is a .Net client application for authorizing deployments of Windows Azure Cloud Services on behalf of Windows Azure Users. By oauth2 users can sign in with Signle Sign On to their LiveID accounts and pick any Windows Azure Subscription and deploy 3th party Cloud Services to their subscription. If you have a Cloud Service Pacakge you want integrated, contact me at [email protected]

At this Point there is only the nightly development track of the application. This means that it may contains bugs as it is build per automation when ever changes are made and checked in. In near future a Stable track will be avaible that only updates when a release is considered stable.

For older systems that need to isntall .Net 4.5 the Setup.exe can be used to install dependencies. 

Developers should take a look at my blog, and I will try to compile a list of relevate information here: